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The one in which I bore you to tears

Have you ever known without a shadow of a doubt that your period was coming because when you were sitting in your car in the line at the bank you were, in your own head of course, offing every single person in front of you because they were not moving quite fast enough?

And you had to pee?

Yep, that was me yesterday. Good times.

Then I came home and had the following cravings:

Potato chips
Pop Tart.

I am just one giant cliche. Ridiculousness.

Well, I got over being a mean bitch and back to just my regular bitchiness that everyone is now used to in time to go to this deal at church last night. Fr. Steve was doing a walk through the mass to basically tell us all what and why and how they do the things that they do throughout the mass. Most Catholics unfortunately are woefully uninformed as to the significance of x, y or z. They just go through the motions because well, that’s what they were taught and you just do it.

Um, no.

Before I ever took my classes to become Catholic, I would sit in mass and ask hubs (Cradle Catholic) “Babe, why do they do _____? What does _____ mean? How come _____ is like that?”

I got the following responses:

That’s what I was taught.
My mama told me to do it that way or she’d hit me in the head.

Oddly, those answers were not good enough for me, so I was pleased to have this opportunity. He came with me which is good because I’d really like him to NOT shrug when our kids ask him the same damn questions I did. I don’t want my kids to see me hit their dad right in front of them, ya know? That sorta stuff is for behind closed doors.

Another reason for my tude yesterday was that my schedule got all wonky and I hate that with such a burning passion. I have been using my 11 o’clock break to go take a nice walk rather than plopping in front of the TV to watch Y&R. (Side note – Hope? Really? She needs to go.) I mean, we have DVR for this purpose, yes? I have also found that by walking at that time, my second 3 hour block of work goes waaaaay faster and I don’t run out of steam the way I normally do.

My life is extraordinarily boring lately (ya know, because normally it’s a friggin bevy of fun and activity) so I fear my posts may sound a touch mundane. Just bear with me.

Crap, I need to get back to work. Sigh. I no wanna but what can one do? I have gotten used to the finer things in life like electricity and food. I’m such a spoiled bitch.


9 Responses

  1. (is it OK that I found you? I’ve missed you!!!!)

    Ho Hos and potato chips…yum.

  2. Ding dong Hope is gone……….

  3. I can’t wait till my husband goes through these classes!!! I may come with just because I’m weird and have always loved ‘school’ of any type. Do you think he’d be embarrassed if I brought along my notebook and pencil? LOL.

  4. Personally, I am not a person with any religious convictions, but I can respect religious principles; however, it’s when people follow traditions and rituals without ever questioning them that I get a little freaked out. Reminds me of the short story “The Lottery” — there are serious consequences, I think, for blindly following. So, thank goodness, you’re the sort who asks questions.

  5. Oooh, I watch Y&R too! I was crying when Hope died it was so sad!! But I’ve been watching Y&R so long that I remember when Brad Carlton was the Abbott’s pool boy the summer he and Tracy got together!

  6. I hate PMS, hate it.

    I go for salt not sweet as much, chips, chips and more chips.

  7. I hate PMS too but any excuse to eat chocolate…..

  8. I’ve always wondered why they do the rituals they do and not many Catholics have been able to answer those questions. I think for something so deep in history and so beautiful that you should understand it. I love that you are learning all that.

  9. I guess you’re going to have to inform me because my Grandma just told us to do it or she wouldn’t feed us candy anymore. See where my horrible sweet tooth comes from?

    I was walking at lunch but I’ve now determined that exercise just makes me sick because I now have the same cold that I had during my Christmas break. Fine. I’ll just be a fat bitch who will always be well.

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