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Calling all Nancy Drews….

I came out of my home office/guest room today (I work Saturdays) to find a dog slinking from kitchen to under table (Den of Guilty Parties). I rounded the corner into the kitchen to see this:


Needless to say, plate was almost full.

I am not certain but I think the culprit is him:


Damn dog.

My job for the rest of the evening, should I choose to accept it?

Scold him and make him feel very guilty. Then all goes back to normal and he sleeps in the bed tonight taking up roughly 75% of the available space.


9 Responses

  1. I think he’s innocent. Really. How can a face like that do something so evil?

  2. but HOW can you look at that adorable, adorable face and think him guilty? HOW???

  3. But… you can’t blame him. Could you walk by a plate of cookies and not snitch? LOL.

  4. ha! that was funny 🙂

  5. He ate my cookies? My cookies. I’m so sad.

  6. Oh – he looks guilty. I can smell it on him.

  7. Sounds just like my dog, she knows when she’s been bad and she always slinks off to hide. I do try to “punish” her but I always end up giving up by bed time so she can snuggle up in the bed with us!

  8. I am gonna spank him.
    Lil’ shit.
    I wanted those.

  9. aww what a cute dog….. yes dogs love cookies!!! lol my dog eats my moms dinner on a regular basis. my mom is always running around trying to eat while she is getting other stuff done, sets her food on the counter or stove turns around to get a beverage, and just like that its gone. lets just say puppy princess eats very very well for a dog!

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