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Pull up a chair and listen to me whine

***EDITED TO ADD*** To you: I am so very well aware of how a site meter works. The problem? I just don’t care. I had wanted to see something so I did and now? I’m good. I’m not hiding. If I want to go see something on a public blog, then I will. Just as I would assume you would. Frankly I don’t even know if that little dig was at me. It could have been at several others I’m sure, but just in case? I thought I’d address it.

Now on to other, more normal, less dramatic crap:

Do you ever get frustrated that your so-called off time never ends up being relaxing and/or rejuvenating or even time spent with your family? I find it happens to me more often than I’d like. I will give this to my hubs – he works a lot. He does. This month, he has a total of 1 day off which he took off just to have time for a doctor’s appt. Insanity. Granted I work a normal 5 day week and I do it from home. However, every single thing that needs to be done in/around/for this house including laundry, most cooking, bill paying, cleaning, grocery shopping, most errands – you get the general idea, yes? – they all get done by me. Yes, once every couple weeks, I will ask hubs to make red beans for dinner because his turn out way better than mine, but for the most part? Yeah, his off days are OFF. And to make it even better, this summer, I plan to pay someone to cut our postage stamp yard so he won’t even have to do that. However, this? Totally my idea as this past summer, my BP probably skyrocketed because I bit my tongue so damn much since our ideas of when the damn grass needs cut are not exactly on the same page. You’d think he’d cut it just to shut me the fuck up, but nope. If anything, me even mentioning that we have grass/have walked on grass/mention that grass is green, turns on something in his brain that pushes back whatever date HE had in mind to cut by another 3 days.


Point being – how do you all deal with this? I will confess that part of this is my own issue. I have a way of doing things and like things done this way but there ARE things I can have some help with. There are. However, when I am on my FOURTH text message or email of the day from hubs of “can you, will you, do me a favor and…, drop off, pick up” it is all I can do not to rip the skin off his face. Helpful hints, ladies. I welcome them all.

Oh, and in case you might be wondering – my period? SO. NEEDS. TO. COME. I am still PMS-y and bitchier than usual, which is a high threshold to begin with.


Something really tragic happened in my hood this last weekend. There is a local grocery store that is rather smallish and always busy. Constantly. The lady who owns and runs it is a member of our parish and just is sweet as pie, always contributing food and deli trays and cakes for functions. A 63yo woman had come out of the store and an attempt was made to snatch her purse. Like most plucky older women, she fought back. (I have to admit, that would be my reaction too. It’s MY money, damn it – get a job.) Tragically, this lady lost her life when she was RAN OVER by the perpetrators. I can’t recall the specifics of what the sequence of events was, but OH. MY. GOD. Is that not insane? I mean, her poor fam!!! Grandma goes out to pick up a few things and dies?!? Also, I have a confession. It’s not pretty and you can call me whatever the hell you want. I don’t care.

When I first heard of this story on the news early Sunday morning before mass, all I knew was that it was 2 men and a woman. That’s it. In my head, I pictured black people. Seriously. Neeeever had a doubt. I could try to justify that by saying that the other rash of purse snatchings in the area had been perpetrated by 2 black men and I just assumed they got a chick involved, but I won’t bother. This is what I have turned into apparently and I’m not proud. I came to this Den of Ignorance and was amazed by the disparity and animosity between the races. I was way more idealistic than I am now. Now, I do have the habit of not giving the benefit of the doubt. So think good thoughts for me, would ya? I am going to work on this because even though I could site a good 50 reasons as to why I might be a bit more angry or distrustful of other races, I don’t choose to live my life being a borderline (or maybe not so borderline) racist. It’s ugly and ignorant and I have always felt racists were the worst kinds of cowards. I don’t wanna be that, ya know? So pray/send good thoughts/vibes, whatever. I’ll take what I can get, okay?

The dog. Sigh. He’s fine. He was up ALL DAMN NIGHT though. Restless. He can’t sleep or relax when his tummy aches so he was on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, stomp stomp stomp flop down, turn over, go stand by door, stroll around (he walks surprisingly heavy for a dog), back up on the bed. I got a total of perhaps 3 hours of sleep – all scattered over the course of the evening. Needless to say, yesterday at about 5, I hit a wall. I was woooorn. We had some church activities that necessitated us being there about 7:30 and we were then until after the 10 o’clock mass. THEN, I took Dipshit Dog to the beach because, ya know, that was his punishment for the cookies. The running, frolicking, eating Fritos in the car, chasing toys – one giant punishment. He was truly tortured. It’s sick how I abuse this pup.

Well, I guess I’ll go finish watching this LSU game for hubs because he is requesting scoring updates via text message. We just won’t even go into the appearance of some of these ladies. I could go on for daaaaaays, ok? I’ll just say this – apparently to be a basketball player for LSU women’s team – one must have a jaw line more masculine than Mel Gibson’s.

All I’m sayin’.


7 Responses

  1. That last line… made me laugh and forget what else I was going to say. 🙂

  2. Oh that poor ladies family. People fucking suck.

  3. Well, there’s just a wealth of stuff to comment on here and I don’t know where to begin.

    But I’ll try.

    First of all, I was gonna offer some kind of “I hear ya sista” on the hubby stuff, but then I think you are doing WAY more for your hubs than I ever have for mine.

    Then, I figured I could add some sad condolence commentary about the old lady who was run over, but your discussion of racism distracted me and now I am lost in deep thought.

    Lastly, I thought, hey I can say something valuable about the dog situation b/c I have a dog and he does crazy shit too! But, then you just had me laughing, and I couldn’t think of a unique nugget to share with you.

    Thus? I have created the longest-comment-devoid-of-any-meaning-or-wit. Does that endear me to you at all?

  4. I have no way to help you on the thing with the hubs. If I get overwhelmed I just ask for his help with pleading eyes and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The older I get the better I get at asking for help. I can’t do it all, even as much as I would like to. So, I’m no help to you there.

    That’s really very sad about the sweet old lady. Seriously. I think you should be applauded for your confession because I’m sure you weren’t the only person that heard that story and thought that.

    Glad to har the dog is better. I’m so bummed that all those cookies went to waste though 🙂 I could have eaten those for you!

  5. do tell about the stat counter incident…dying to know…tragic about the elderly woman…our community is totally different..diverse, yes…i would guess 50% hispanic, 45% white and 5% african american. that’s just my guess..not that it matters

  6. Honey we have discussed the hubs thing. I know he works alot but sometimes you need some support too. Maybe when we get Stacy’s knee all better we can come down there and he can offer some tips.
    I am SO sosososo sad about that lady. I hate shit like that. Hate it. I am totally in your shoes too. Don’t want to always think a black person is guilty but where I live, yep 98% of the time that’s who it is. It wears on a person and it affects you even if you don’t want it to.
    Poor poor poor Gager. Him so abused. Him can come live with Aunt P 😛
    Luv ya bunches sweetheart.

  7. That totally sucks ass.

    I feel sometimes when I’m out in less fortunate areas that people are probably like “Rich bitch” but we worked for everything we have. I’m not a Hilton and things weren’t handed to me. It’s sad what people think are owed to them and will kill for.

    My thoughts are with the lady’s family.

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