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I promise to grow up at some point. Just won’t be today.

Have you ever resisted something so much, like something you had to do or a call you had to make and then when you FINALLY buckle and go do it, it is surprisingly easy and even pleasant?

I do this all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.

I mean, it’s really ridiculous. I was tired today (gasps of shock HERE) and really did not want to go to this meeting tonight at church and was thumbing through my brain that is FILLED with excuses for just these instances and could not find any. I’m not sick/crampy/headachy. I took a shower, hair is clean. I even put make up for God’s sake. So off I went. I figured maybe it would not be so bad, and of course, it was nice. With the possible exception of smelling fried chicken wafting from the place across the street and me going directly into drool mode, the evening was rather nice. I so gotta get over that. I mean, yes, I can be anti-social at times (a lot of times) but every time I step outside of my comfort zone even a little, I normally end up pleasantly surprised.

There is so very little report on this end other than normal life. Work, eat, sleep. OH. OK, so my neighbors went out of town, yes? They have two dogs, a black Lab (CUTE) and a little Chihuahua. I am not a small dog fan at all but their’s is rather cute. Well, dude told me they were taking the tiny pup but leaving the Lab and a friend was coming daily to care for the dog. He informed me of this just so I’d sorta keep an eye out. Strange cars and the such. No problemo. Happy to do it. However, they will be gone TWO WEEKS. I’m sorry, despite the dog door so that pup can come and go and despite the person coming for a little while every day, I think that is entirely too long to leave a dog. Dogs love their people. Labs are also quite social. I bet she is a lil sad over there. Actually I know she is sad because at 1 AM she was barking. And crying. And HOWLING. Oh yeah she was. I am all for trying to be a nice neighbor so I am going to try to suck it up and just shove in the ear plugs if she starts up again tonight but I think it’s just so sad. I wanted to go get her and bring her in and tell Sir Poopous Gage that he has to share the bed for the night. I was tempted to tell the girl that I did see stop by the house today but I thought I might be sorta over stepping my bounds, ya know? If it keeps going, I may say something. Lord knows I have enough time – TWO SOLID WEEKS. Sigh. Poor pup.

Anybody else so very ready for new episodes of our fave TV shows to come out? ANYONE? I’m ready to go buck. I am missing Gossip Girl, Cane, Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots. Hurry the hell up, writers.

Hubs is on day 3 of a 4 day stretch at the station. Craziness, but we need the moolah (two households don’t sustain themselves, ya know). Later, more towards the end of the month, he will be gone for ten solid days. Of course he is right up the road and I can go up there anytime I want, but LORD. The good part is that he spends one day at his station where there are other people but then TWO DAYS at another station (and then repeats this cycle twice more) so at the quiet stations, I can go and bring dinner and bring the Bad Dog and it’s kinda nice. Hey, if the mood strikes we can even bow chicka bow wow. As hubs says, “don’t hate me cuz I got a cool job.”

I am still getting myself out there on my 11 AM break to get some exercise and it’s helping my energy but today was just an odd day. Nothing was working and I hit the wall about 5 PM. I feel a tad more normal now but damn. This week can NOT get done fast enough for me. It so can not. I don’t have anything spectacular planned this weekend but the fact that I won’t be tied to a computer typing what doctors are saying while they eat their lunches and make saliva sounds (IN MY EAR) will be awesome. 95% of the time, I really dig my job but there are a choice few docs who I would love to have a lil come to Jesus chat with. Stab.

For some good news, one week from now we will know what sort of refund we are getting. Our tax man is just this much short of a miracle worker and I heart him and if he asked, I would SO give him a lap dance (or at least buy him one from a girl who is way cuter and, ya know, knows what she is doing). We need a certain amount for sure because if not, our house note will go up a substantial amount come June due to Katrina the Whore. We got dropped from our homeowners because we had the nads, the all fired AUDACITY to make a $5800 claim so when we got new coverage it went up substantially – like tripled.

I’ll let that sink in. Well, our mortgage company was kind enough to front us (I heart you too, W*lls F*rgo) the shortfall we would have experienced since, shit, we sure did not have it. Well, of course they want their money. So it’s either pony up the entire amount come June or it gets spread over the next 12 mortgage payments ALONG WITH the increase we are already incurring with our new, tripled insurance.

Ain’t living in the Hurricane Alley grand?

Well, we should get at least that much back since hubs gets deductions for every damn thing at the fire station. Now anything else we get will just get plopped on some bills which brings such satisfaction. Yes, it would be fantabulous to go shop or something with that cash but it just feels so good to go “Here, now I’d like to see that balance be 0. Great, thanks….buh-bye.”

However I will find a few dollars to get a new bag. Because damn it, it’s been a rough few months and I need me some pretty.


9 Responses

  1. Yes new bag. You need some pretty fo sho.

  2. Whoo Hoo I was first bitches!!!!!

  3. Crud. You wrote so many topics that I forgot all my comments. LOL.

    I know I was going to agree with you on the dreading doing things and then they aren’t so bad… I do this ALL THE TIME.

    I did one of them yesterday that was fine in the end. I’m doing another one in about 2 hours that I’ve been dreading all week long and I’m all geared up for it and I HOPE HOPE HOPE that in the end I can say “Oh, that wasn’t so bad!” – crossing my fingers.

  4. I saw a commercial last night during lost for Greys – I am so looking forward to new shows too!

  5. That totally sucks about that poor dog. They just need to pay you to dogsit for them.

    I never realized you could stop by the station like that and take him dinner and the poop-a-loop AND get jiggy too. Wow I don’t hate but he does have a pretty damn cool job!

  6. Well, I am glad someone else out there battles these huge anti-social tendancies!

  7. seriously… the writers need to step on it!!!! my tivo is ready 🙂
    currently all i have to watch is american idol, ace of cakes, and the occasional new law and order. i need more though. i dont even remember what is going on in most of my shows. ahhh

  8. Oh that poor little pup. I would totally say something when the owners come home from their TWO WEEK vacation. Not to scold them, but just so they know… and so they know that you know… that they know…

    Anyway, I’m very angry on your behalf about the insurance increasing three-fold. With any luck a new bag and some good television will help take you mind off it. 🙂

  9. I’ve got to start taking notes so that I can remember all the stuff I want to comment on. Did you ever go get that dog? Still thinking good thoughts for the tax refund. I am shocked at your insurance situation though. That sucks.

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