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Never needed it more

I have gotten kicked right in the crotch by the cold from hell. This was right AFTER very arrogantly telling my doctor how I NEVER get sick and how after getting off the BCP’s I rarely even get headaches.

Well, gold star for me.

And then the germs came. Son of a bitch.

So I’m rather quiet because (a) my voice comes and goes, (b) all the mucous in the free world has entered my head and is hell bent on coming out my nostrils and (c) I’m tired (hardly shocking news being that it’s…..me).

So I promise to have nice news and good stuff and stories about dogs and doctors who can’t pronounce names but can pronounce procedures that are approximately 9 syllables and something that happened to someone in the Wally that is so unbelieveable that if I did not live in the bowels of hell, I’d think they were kidding.

Ahem. They were not.

So I’m off to continue sneezing on the dog’s head, try to work and get my voice back somehow. I know hubs misses it dearly.

Shut up.


7 Responses

  1. feel better!

  2. Did he sneak off to say a novena or something last Sunday ? Bwaa haaaa
    Seriously my friend i’m sorry your sick. It sucks. Get better soon.

  3. Found your blog through Clemsongirlandthecoach. It is good to read blogs from others who are still feeling Katrina! We have a real love-hate relationship with our insurance after that little “episode.”

  4. I always get sick right after I proclaim: “I never get sick!” It’s karma’s way of reminding me that I have a place and should stay in it. Sorry you’re sick, though. Rest up and feel better soon!

  5. I feel ya on the sick thing but I don’t think I’m dealing with the same issues. But I figure for all the germs I’m around on a regular basis that I’m going to get sick more often than I used to. Good times. The voice thing really sucks though. Feel better soon!

  6. This cold might even deserve a hold star since it’s doing such a good job kicking your ass.

  7. I think I had that same cold – twice. It sucks and is going to take a long time to get rid of it. Hang in there…eventually you’ll get over it or it will kill you.


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