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Well, my Easter in a nutshell- Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

I made it. Lent is over. Hubs and I had it all planned out. In addition to the soft drinks and the pizza and the candy I gave up, he gave up all junk food (ALL OF IT) and then fried food. Fried food to him is like Reese’s cups to me. So it was tough. How we both made it though without scratching each other’s skin off and not bitch slapping each other is really a testament to our marriage.

Or our laziness. Or our depression over having to eat (shudder) vegetables.

Yesterday, we got up for mass. Went to mass. LONG mass. You know everyone and their maw comes out to say hi to Jesus on Easter. I think more people come to Easter mass than even Christmas. So when it came time for communion, LORD. It took forever. However, it did give me a chance to check out all the kids dressed all fab in their Easter clothes. They looked precious. I love when people are all dressed up like that. This is coming from a girl who would sooner shave her eyebrows off than stop going barefoot all day, but still. Even I can dress up sometimes. Or at least admire it in others.

We came home, changed clothes FAST, grabbed the dog and took off for fried chicken. Hubs was like a crackhead waiting on a hit. We go get it and are mowing through it in no time. Oh my. It was good stuff. After that and I did indulge in one Reese egg, I felt it coming on. The nap. Hubs was all into The Ten Commandments that I had taped for him and I laid on the sofa. Oh my. I woke up 2.5 hours later. I mean, I was OUT. Even Moses parting the Red Sea did not wake me up, ladies. I am sure there was also some drooling.

Later that night, we ordered pizza because there was no way I was going even one more day before having my one true love. Even if all I could eat was one slice, it was coming to my house. So we num nummed on some pizza and started watching American Gangster with Denzel. Very good flick, but LOOOOOOOONG. We were all worn right out from all the ya know, eating. And napping-that we made it about 90 minutes in before we had to pack it in for the day.

Apparently the food did odd things to my brain activity because my dream last night? Yeah, I was a contestant on Rock of Love. Uh huh. I was concerned about Brett cutting me because I did not have the bangin’ bodies of the other girls. I also called him on his cell phone to ask him how to change a battery and he was not sure. Being that he seemed reluctant to assist me, I was certain that he was going to cut me and leave all the skanks. Seriously. What sort of effed up dream was that????

Today has consisted of errands, some cleaning and fatigue. It’s a fab combo. I am trying to get hubs set up to do ten straight days at the station. That’s right, bitches. He takes off and leaves me for 10 straight days. NICE. Thank goodness we don’t have children yet or I’d seriously pitch an all fired fit on that one. I did not sign up for single parenthood, ya know? However, he can do this insanity until that point. Especially when we get the big pissed off check. The bill pile may actually get under control at that point. How loverly.

Back to normalcy this week. Work. Walking. Errands. LAUUUUUUNDRY. Ick.


9 Responses

  1. I think if I found myself on the set of Rock of Love (in my dreams or otherwise) I would be so scared of the other girls that I would beg Brett to cut me!

    Glad to read you had a happy Easter. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you even lasted until dinner for pizza. I’m impressed. If you hadn’t gone into that sugar coma though I’m sure the pizza would have been consumed earlier. 🙂

  3. I think that sounds like a FAB day! I never watched Rock of Love but the fact that you had that dream is cracking me up! Now I’m craving pizza…..

  4. ONE?!? You only ate 1 Reese Egg????

    Lurves me some Charlton Heston and the Ten Commandments – must watch every year MUST!!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Easter. I hope next year my Easter will include church. Seriously.

  6. The Ten Commandments is one of my brother’s favorite movies.

    Glad you didn’t burn your mouth on the chicken or pizza.

  7. Rock of Love? yeah I’d say the food had some sort of influence there! Please tell me you think Brett M is as skanky as most of the girls on that show… please?

  8. That’s a really weird dream, but fun. And I love the copious use of the word *FUCK*
    Well played 🙂

  9. Mmmm I’m with your husband… give me fried food over Reeses anyday! And God Bless him for being able to give it up for Lent!??? I bow down to him.

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