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I’m not in jail, but he is a Fucker

So Fucker from down below changed my plans AGAIN yesterday and called his mama, L, to let her know that it would really be easier for him if I could bring the two of them back HERE so that he could pick her up and bring her home from here rather than his home.

I call bullshit.

First off, I won’t go into the route he would have taken but bringing L here made him go out of his way. I am assuming his bitch of a wife did not want her MIL back in the house so she made her pussified hubs call his mama and back out of the deal.

Fine, whatever. Just so long as he is here.

And he did show up. L had luggage with her, not a ton, but luggage nonetheless. A smallish suitcase and a tote bag and purse. When he pulled up, he sat in his van. My mom started out with L and I started to go help them but I figured “Naw, let Fucker get out and grab that crap. Be a man at least.”

Oh my. Do you see my mistake?

I assumed. Never do that. You know how you can assume someone is one way and then they prove you wrong, oh so wrong? Yeah, don’t do that.

My mom is gone. Gone some more. I finally come around the counter and go to the door. They are at the van loading up L’s crap. Where is son?

Chillin behind the wheel, donchaknow? Oh yeah he was. I had to laugh. He did not DARE look at me. I held my tongue and purposely did not go out there simply because I knew L was already so embarrassed for the assholeishness of her family. (It’s a word.) I did not want to make it worse or make her feel like a burden so I crammed it. Very hard for me to do, but it was done.

However, L did get a little revenge. She made him take her grocery shopping on the way home. To the Wally. Oh yeah she did. I bet he and his bitch ass wife were some pissed.

I might have giggled a little.

OK, a lot. Asshole.


9 Responses

  1. Shopping at the Wally is hardcore revenge! Go L!

  2. Way to go L on the revenge – I think I like this lady

  3. You know, you are a good woman. I commend you for not cussing that effer out but good.

  4. That took some self control on your part. For what he did in the first place AND for not helping them. What a jackass.

  5. I would have bailed you out. Really. You’re just too damn nice.

  6. What a little chump! Hearing about fuckers like that make me glad my ass is single.

  7. I can’t believe the asshole sat in the van. I don’t care how annoying my mother is, I would NEVER expect her to load her own luggage (or carry groceries or do anything stressful). He’s a dick. It was probably better for L that you held your tongue, though. Way to be the better person!

  8. Oh man, this whole story is very amusing. Well, probably not for your mom or her friend, but from the outside, it’s all quite hilarious fodder for a sitcom or something!

  9. OMG you poor thing lol… L’s son is a real character…… i think he has a L on his forehead!

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