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I bet that would need penicillin

Dear Self:

When transcribing medical reports for work, please watch when you spell check because when you type in that the patient had to put a Wound Vag in place for Wound Vac, the doctor might wonder WTF?

And wound vag just sounds painful and not right, in any way.

Again, God bless spell check.


7 Responses

  1. I say do it just to mess with the docs head –

  2. Yeah me no like wound vag. Reminds me too much of my recent biopsy.

  3. Ewwww! That just sounds horrible!

  4. No thank you. I don’t want that. EVER.

  5. I’m just grinning. LOL. Ouch! But yet… funny.

  6. Wound vag…that’s probably what I will be suffering from soon since there’s no man around anymore…

  7. i bet a wound vag smells foul!

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