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Quit trying to make fetch happen, Gretchen

Such a quiet few days. Really not much to report. All is well for the most part. So I guess I’ll do this in bullets to get all the tiny crap points out of my head.

-Bush is in town. Yawn.
-Eli Manning got married. Double yawn. I’m shocked it is not a statewide holiday though here in Land of the Mannings.
-Did so very little yesterday. Woke up so late that I finally made it to noon mass. NOON. I gotta say (and I’m aware of just how shallow this sounds) that one of my fave things about attending Catholic mass is that there are only a kagillion masses to go to each weekend. If you can’t find ONE of those that you can carve the time out to attend, then you seriously got issues. (My hubs included – AHEM)
-Did go help out at a social last night at church. One of our priests has a lovely singing voice and came in and played. Contemporary stuff – not religious stuff. Can I just say that it is a HOOT listening to a priest sing The Eagles and Garth Brooks? Seriously.
-We are down to 4 more payments, girls. (And boys, if they are here but I think my 5 readers are, for the most part, of the boobed variety). Anyway. Four more. As I mentioned to Melanie, even though I am excited by this prospect of not having to give blood to CTA for much longer, I won’t truly count my chickens until the month of June goes by without incident. I’m sure her evil mind is working working working tirelessly to figure something out.
-This week is my mom’s birthday. She is approximately 100. We have a super special present for her planned that I am going to pick up tomorrow but I’ll discuss that later. I can’t be giving away my secrets and stuff.
-I’m coming to the conclusion that my house is not going to clean itself. DAMN.
-Got an unexpected check from the insurance company today. Of course, attached to it was an “Explanation of Benefits” but ask me how much sense all those codes made. Uh huh.
-The Lost Boys is currently on. I forgot how cute and normal Corey Haim used to be. He cracks me up in this movie.
-Have company coming in a few weeks. My aunt and uncle (the same couple that put us up for Katrina for weeks including my pets – yeah, HI) are doing a road trip and we are one of their stops. Nice, right? I’m looking forward to seeing them. It’s nice when you are a stop on someone’s trip only because they want to see you – not because adding you on makes for a convenient excuse for the rest of their trip.
-Gage won’t participate in the cleaning either. Lazy ass dog.
-OMG. I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this. Oh Katie. Our beloved Katie who has taken down her blog. Guess what that whore did? Sent me…………..wait for it…………..the BEST cheese puffs in the world. I have always been partial to Snyder of Hanover that I could generally only find in the Burgh and rarely down here. She claimed hers were good from the tundra but I had my doubts. She was NOT lying. I think I have a new fave. Man, is she gonna be PISSED when I show up at her door having cheese puff DTs and she has to hook me up like a tweaked out meth addict.
-Those puffs did not last even 1.5 days.
-She ALSO sent Thin Mints. ON PURPOSE. Those are being ran through at an alarming rate.
-And yet somehow despite imbibing in the above mentioned nectar of the gods type foods, I lost 3 pounds. When, body? When will you ever make sense? I subsist on grass and twigs and you hold onto the poundage like I receive cash per pound but when I eat cheese puffs for breakfast, you decide to let some go. SOMEONE explain to me the biology of that? Where the hell is Dr. Oz when you need him?
-And just because him is cute.

OK, this damn house. I gotta clean something. Crap.

Wait, there are still thin mints left – slight detour on the way to the cleaning products.


9 Responses

  1. Thin mints sound SO good right now. Thanks for making me hungry. Again. Not like I didn’t just have a piece of cherry pie. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  2. That Ho sent you thin mints??? Hmphf!!! Well I can’t complain – she does keep me well stocked in Mike’s coupons

  3. See, just proves my theory – eat junk, lose weight!

    Katie rocks!

    I love when Corey Haim is singing in the bath tub and the dog is growling at his brother stalking him. LOVE that movie. They are making a sequel but not sure who is in it.

  4. Told ya!

    But remember the rules, no calls at 2 a.m. needing a fix.

  5. Where the hell is my post? I know I posted yesterday. Damn wordpress hates me sometimes!

    I LOVE that movie. Love it. Mean Girls – we know a few don’t we?

    Happy Birfday to yo Mom!

    I loved Corey Haim in Lost Boys, when he was singing in the tub and the dog was growling (Nanook!) because his brother was stalking him. Loved his clothes in that movie – oh-so-gay they were!

  6. WTF??!? You sit around and type out stupid reports and I’m in the middle of finals while working my ass off with three psychotic bosses and she sends YOU thin mints? Oh she is seriously getting an ass whoopin’ for that one.

    I do the same shit on the weight loss. I can eat like a rabbit does and gain 15 pounds. Start to consist on a diet of potato chips and soda…lose a ton of weight. I don’t get it.

  7. I can’t believe I finally caught up with you. I’ve missed your updates, missus! I’m glad to hear you’re still blogging. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and read through your old posts and catch up. 🙂

  8. She is approximately 100
    LOL… really…. I actually LOL’d! Good one.

    ditto the normal Corey Haim sentiment.

  9. “… you hold onto the poundage like I receive cash per pound…”

    I quite literally just snorted Diet Coke up my nose at that!

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