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Going to bed makes it end, right?

So ever had one of those days where your husband acts like an ass and then insists that YOU jumped on HIM?

After working on a day when you should have been off? (Granted, done to myself – did not make the day go annnnnnny quicker).

Then realize that you get to drive to the big red bullseye when you thought you were done for the day?

Then get bitched out because you did not respond appropriately to someone else’s news after a very long day and frankly you can’t type and drive through traffic and now, truthfully don’t even know wtf?

Seriously, ridiculous.

I shall go to bed, watch Medium and start over tomorrow. If anyone decides to look crooked at me or expects me to walk on eggshells, then I shall not be held responsible for my actions and/or bitchiness.

Just sayin’.


5 Responses

  1. It must have been a bad day if going to Target was not a happy occurence. I can never be unhappy about going there. Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Yes Monday totally sucked ass!

    Here’s to a better today!

  3. Oh yeah and the HBIC was FIRST!!!

  4. Yep i’ve had days like that and it’s not really safe to talking and especially texting while driving. Just sayin’
    Traffic makes me sprout devil horns on any given day anyway.

  5. Mondays suck.

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