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Not dead – knocked up, but not dead

Hi. I’m here. I realized how friggin long ago it was that I posted but I have excuses. I do. And not all of them have anything to do with how tired I am.

-Hubs and I took off 4 days this weekend. In a row. Together. I know, right? Wait, let me not lie. I was off for four days. He was off from his two jobs for 4 days but like the work horse that he is, he picked up delivering voting machines on Friday and Monday. Wonderfully, he was done by 2 each day so that was just awesome since he made me some dinero and yet we sorta seemed off. I had errands to run anyway on Friday and it worked out perfectly.
-Friday evening, we had dinner at Houstons (date night!!!) and then saw Prom Night. Now shut up and quit judging me. We love horror movies. And teen horror movies? Score x 2. We love that shit. HOWEVER, teens in the movie theater shrieking at the screen and giving loud commentary on the movie makes us both a lil stabby. Even hubs got annoyed and he has a way longer fuse than I do.
-Saturday we had plans to go get a dress for me to wear to the boy’s graduation but the more I thought about it, I had figured I had better wait until a week or two before because Lord only knows if I’ll expand. Thus far, I’m about the same (just have a thicker waistline – it’s purrrty) but I know over the coming weeks I could pop out and shopping early is probably not the smartest thing. So we scrapped that idea. Plus it rained. HARD. Perfect day to hang inside so we did. Hubs did a great breakfast and we vegged until about 2 or 3 and then we briefly attended our parish’s fair and then went to mass. Nice quiet day.
-Sunday was a big day. We had brunch with the Brunch Bitch to tell her about the uterine parasite. OMG. So very funny. She sat down and I had planned to just blurt it out, get it out of the way so we could go back to discussing her co-workers (some of my OLD co-workers) and then Hollywood gossip – the way God intended. BB had other ideas. From the moment she parked her ass, she babbled. Incessantly. For a solid 20 minutes. I shit you not. She finally had food in her mouth and I saw my in. She was too cute. Loved her response.
-We then drove to hubs BIL’s home because he found all sorts of stuff in his attic that belonged to hubs family. BIL was married to hubs sister who passed away 2005 and apparently she was a pack friggin rat. Holy shit. Just taking a quick glance in the boxes, we saw so much good shit. Old rosaries, christening gowns, CRAP TON of pictures, etc. How cool is that? I love big boxes of history like that so this is right up my alley. We still have to go through the bulk of it and I think it will be big fun.
-Then we went to Babies R Us. I won’t even go into what a kamikaze stroller driving, blonde highlight wearing, Baby Bjorn toting den of soccer moms that place is. It made me twitch. Methinks I will do a lot online. Oh yeah I will. Also, I realized we are too poor to have a kid. Sorry, kid, you are going back to the cabbage patch. (KIDDING)
-THEN, same day, we went to hubs aunt’s home that HE NEVER VISITS. She lives maybe 5 minutes from here. He sucks. You can say it. She did. I do. LOL It was a nice visit overall.
-What day am I on? Monday. Oh hubs went back to voting machines – pick up this time and I began cleaning. Lord. What a mess. I sorta purposely let things go all last week thinking “Oh I will do that this weekend.” Yeah, it all caught up with me. I had a sofa filled with clean laundry. FILLED.

So yeah, that was my last 4 days. AND NOW, my aunt is coming to town tomorrow so I’ll be busy again. Normally I hate being busy. I’m all about the sloth but this has been a nice sort of busy, so it’s okay. However, I would be lying if I said I was not looking forward to next weekend when I can go back to my slug status.

OK, am I just like 15 or is Gossip Girl not the best damn show on TV? Aside from the Hills and Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Lord. I really am sad.

NO I’M NOT. I love these shows and that’s okay. Right? Sigh. In truth I know that I’m probably dumbing myself down (even more) but it’s just good stuff. At least I am not watching The Bachelor, right? I console myself with that.

I also have taped a few Oprah’s lately. Let’s just say I am not normally a fan. I know some of you love you some Oprah. Think she is the cat’s meow and want to say it loud and proud. That’s lovely for you. I am just not on that bandwagon, okay? One of the one’s I taped was Tom Cruise – another person I am not terribly fond of but I was curious as to what he said. I still think he is manipulative and definitely spins things in ways to make him look not quite as much of a whackadoo as he really is. However, that house. Did y’all see that shit? Wow. Gorgeous. Amazingly pretty. Makes me wanna visit Colorado. Then today, I taped Barbara Walters on there. I am curious to see what she says about Star and Rosie. Should be interesting to say the least.

Side note: If my hubs does NOT stop snoring through the mask or his mask making noise or whatever, I will be on the news. Stab.

How is SVU already a repeat? That is just not okay.

As for my spawn, I’m 13 weeks today. I have another blog wherein I am speaking about my pregnancy for family and friends. If you have the link, great. If you don’t and think I may have overlooked you, let me know. If not, then there is a reason you don’t have it. Enough said. Spawn has ceased making me feel like hammered ass. Thanks for that, kid. I was ready to give you a beatin’ when I finally got to see you. Last week I just started coming out of the stupor of fatigue and oookey belly. I do realize that my symptoms were quite mild compared to others (oh, the boob pain….owwwwwwwwwwww) but holy crap on a stick, that was not a fun couple of months. I’m just sayin’. Women that do this shit, have it worse AND go to an office every day? Yeah, y’all get a standing ovation from me, bitches. I have NEVER been more grateful for my jobby job. Signing off in the middle of a day for a nap break when I was near comatose was just lovely. I still am apt to take a nap during my 3 o’clock break but it’s not every single day and I don’t have to make myself push off the sofa and whine all the way back to my computer. Well I still whine but that is just because that’s what I do.

I think I have covered the bulk of my last few days. I think everyone knows about the uterine parasite. Big headed kid. Poor thing. Probably has “the crazy” too.

So for now, I’m out. I promise to post more. Or at least give you some dog love. Word to yo muthah.


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a FABBY week-end! I would love to see Prom Night. My kinda movie!

    I hope you pop out and can wear a super cute maternity outfit to the boys graduation. Heh Heh. Ross has cute and reasonable maternity clothes if you have one near you.

  2. Yeah, you did more in 4 days than I have done in 2 months. I’m a lazy ass.

  3. Good grief this was a marathon post! I’m tired just reading about all the stuff you guys did. I hate BRU much less BRU on the freaking weekend. You’re a brave soul. Glad you are feeling better though. That house that Tom lives in is amazing. Seriously. The interview was interesting but that house just blew me away. That baby of his is adorable too. I haven’t watched the others yet. I’m really backlogged on Oprah. I plan on watching a lot of that crap at 3 am when I’m up feeding the baby.

  4. WE sooo totally need to get a bunch of horror flicks and watch them when Bella and I finally visit!!!!!

    Oh did I tell you I wasn’t ever sick with any of my pregnancies? I did? On the other blog? hmmm must have forgot that one….yes, I know you love me twice as much now. Oh here is one better…..did I tell you I was napping as manchild delivered himself? You idolize me now don’t you?

  5. That was a hella of a update. You are way to good at updates.
    Yes, wait to buy the dress..good idea…and if you buy a dress and wear it then I want a picture.

  6. You need to buy the most obvious maternity dress. One that points to your stomach and says Baby. Anything you can do to piss off CTA.

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