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Happy Mother’s Day

Dude. Seriously. This chick is now on child #18. Come on already.

Does she even need a doctor at this point? And for God’s sake, who has that much sex with that many children?



9 Responses

  1. I couldn’t have said it better

  2. It truly is amazing. They will have their own city before too long.

  3. it’s like that texas thing y’know that happened? yeah. it’s like that. but different. sort of.

    can you imagine how stretched out her uterus is? she’ll be walkin’ around and that kid will fall right out. *bam*

  4. I’ve done a lot of thinking about this one, and my feelings, to each their own. However, looking at the website for the family, they are weird. I mean, all the kids live at home and then have buddies. I don’t think these kids should be raising their siblings.

  5. I for one love this family. They are raising healthy, happy kids and these kids are not the ones who are going to be popping out 8 kids by 6 different Daddies and living on the governments dime. 😛 LOL. Having grown up with a lot of friends that came from large families I can tell you that dude, large families are awesome! My very very best friend is the youngest of 10 and another kid I was friends with was one of 14 (somewhere in the middle) Ha ha. I have two friends with 7 and 8 kids respectfully. Having a little buddy to help get dressed in the morning is a great thing – not a bad thing.

    There are a LOT of women I think should be closing their knee’s… but I don’t feel that this family is doing the world any harm. Those kids are awesome and will be growing up to be leaders of our country with great morals and values.

  6. These people seriously disturb me. Seriously.

  7. My Mom almost lost her sanity with just the three of us. I can’t imagine having 18 kids always needing you, never letting you pee or poop alone, always needing something. And think about trying to get them all through college! They are going to be in for a big shock at the cost. Good luck to them.

  8. I love the Duggers! I am so amazed by them. I think I also love them because my mother has 18 brothers and sisters… no lie. She comes from a very Irish and very Catholic family! Her mother gave birth to 19 children – she had twin boys at age 48! Fertility – it runs in the family which is why my husband had a vasectomy after our two.

  9. I love them too…but damn that bitch is crazy.
    Said she will just keep having them until she can’t have um’ anymore.
    Fuck a bunch of that.

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