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Freedom…………I won’t let you down.

Do you know what happens when you stick a pasty white girl in a pool with a cool drink and a good book?

Oh, and no sunscreen?

Yeah, it’s not cute. Luckily it’s also not painful or else I’d be whining way more.

I’m on my own this evening because my mother is at her friend’s home until Wednesday (naked laps anyone?) and today hubs is at the station so unless something is set on fire right in my front yard, then it shall remain quiet until tomorrow morning when hubs returns and the dog has a shit attack.

Poopous and I took the mom over and got back here about 1 something. I knew that if I parked my butt on the sofa that would be it for the day so I found a good flick on the tube and put it on the TV out here and back in our room and managed to finish the laundry, fold and put it up, load the dishwasher and get it running, clean our bathroom and dust our bedroom. My activity level is slowly getting back to normal. I am no longer so tired that I’d allow the house to get into such a state of disarray that I’d have to clean it or get taken over by the mess. I’m glad to have the normal me back. That sloth girl was lazier than even me in a normal state and that was not okay. I don’t like living in a mess. And let’s just say that stepping up to the plate and ya know, picking up the slack? Yeah, that does not happen so much here. By either of the other two cohabitants. Not complaining, just stating a fact. I’m sure they are just preparing me for motherhood, right? Riiiiiight. Let’s go with that lest I start fire bombing.

Movie review: Awake. Decent enough flick. Some slight twists but I managed to figure them out like right before they really started to come to light. Tonight I’ll probably watch Atonement if I can stay awake for it. Now that we are in full rerun time of summer, I anticipate we will be doing a LOT more Netflixing which is good because we have been sorta slacking on that too.

I’m also selling off some books that I foolishly purchased for work. Lord. Why did I think I needed those? Thankfully I bought them on Amazon and did not purchase from the company itself so I saved some $$$ but with the internet, I don’t even need to take up the shelf space with them.

OH. Oh dear. I forgot to mention. Step one of our emancipation happened this past week. The boy graduated. I am not even joking when I tell you how happy I was. Oh, I did not LOOK happy due to the fact that I was surrounded by CTA’s family and her unfortunate choice in outfits and shoes (we shall return to that topic). Step 2 is just around the corner. June 15. We have a child support payment due on June 1 and then the 15th and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, done. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

So the shoes. Yes. OK, first. She had one some capris. I can’t recall color. I try not to look too hard. Burns my retina. Then the shirt was not awful but the style of it was empire waist. Why? Why would she wear that? Dude, she looked more pregnant than I am. It was not good. OK, so the shoes. Yes. How do I put this? Oh right – HOOKER SHOES. I am not sure where in the mom handbook it says to wear ugly strappy sandals to one’s son’s high school graduation but in the edition she carries? Oh, it’s in there. Right behind dress your significant other in an entirely white outfit and HE’S A MAN. I so wish I had gotten a snapshot of those beauties. I suck at the sneaky cloak and dagger shit.

Anyways, it’s over. Thank God. It’s nothing against the boy and certainly nothing against my husband but anything that puts me in contact with those people (her family, not the kids) eventually begins to make my ears ache and my eyeballs itch. So much so that I dread it. I could not concentrate on work all day long. I ended up signing off early and just giving up because I was getting nothing accomplished. From this point on, the only thing left in the rest of our lives are these kids’ marriages. LOLOL. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. ELATED is not even being dramatic.

Other than that, not much else to report. The kid is still in there. Making me crave fruit and pickles. I guess it could be worse, right? I had a friend crave straight corn starch. WTF? I have an appt a week from today for more blood taking and the regular let me stick my hand in your hoohah exam. Good times. I dig having a stranger go spelunking in my orifices. Nothing uncomfortable about that at ALL.


5 Responses

  1. Look at you being all productive! I’ll happily send my laundry your way. I’m really sad that there are no pics of CTA and the man. That would have been great entertainment.

  2. But did you really expect anything different from CTA? Isn’t hooker heels her style?

    You need to bottle that energy and sell it to someone who did nothing this whole weekend…like me.

  3. Okay you have GOT to get better at the cloak n’ dagger shit! We NEED pics. So happy you are almost done with the payments. I will do a happy dance with you!

  4. Yes, we need CTA pics.

    2 pymts. 19 days & counting……

  5. You shoulda taken a picture of that shit.
    Fo real dou.

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