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Got some really awesome news this week and some really crap news this week. Let’s start with the good, yes?

A baby was born. Not mine. No. He/she is like less than 6 inches long so yeah, that would be bad. It’s a friend’s and I don’t really wanna go into details since it’s not my story to tell but can I just say, she handled this shit like a damn rockstar? Oh and hubs? I do not plan to be anywhere near that low maintenace so just get that thought right out of your head. Great, thanks.

Oh, I also wanna take a bite out of his face. The baby, not hubs. So cute. CUTE. Not the typical newborn wrinkly, old man look. No. Sigh. She has gorgeous kids and then rebounds and makes calls by herself. Slays me. Did I mention she cooked all week to be prepared? Seriously. She makes me tired. OH. And her face? Never got fat. WTF? She was ready to spew forth with child and not one little bit of chunk in her face? Ok, let’s move on lest I get bitter.

Sad news is that a really cool, hot mess of a lady died. Her name was Miss Irna. I hearted her. I think I have mentioned before that I used to work at the (now gone) original Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I say original because yeah, the one Miss Ruth built and worked in and everything. She lived out back even. Nice lady. But Miss Irna was her maid. She came in just about every single day, cigarette just a-dangling, walking on the cooking line WITH SAID CIGARETTE and talked to everyone, made Miss Ruth some salads and dinner, etc and then strolled back out. She cracked me up. Her daughter was one of the servers that I worked with as well. Miss Irna had developed Alzheimers and was not young in age anyway but what a terrible way to live life. I’m certainly not happy she is gone but it’s a blessing in a way too. She was way too vibrant and full of really good curse words to live a life that sapped her awesome personality. I have thought of her often and will be attending her funeral for sure as soon as the details become available. It’s a shame to say bye to someone like that though.

So there you have it. One new life full of promise and one flame that burned out. Miss Irna died about 48 hours before the new baby was born. For my friend’s sake, I hope they did not meet up on their ways in and out of heaven because if so?

My friend’s kid will be full of attitude and tell his mama “Now you listen here, baaaaaby…..” and have a cigarette dangling 24/7.

Bye, Miss Irna – you will be missed.


5 Responses

  1. Miss Irma sounds like a hoot!

  2. I would have loved Miss Ima and congrats on the new baby! Awwww…

  3. She sounds like a riot! Thank you for all the nice things you said đŸ™‚ Those are good to hear when you’re exhausted and your body is FAR from feeling good.

  4. We swear in my fam that someone has to die for someone to be born. Right now we’re all holding. No preggers, no one on death’s door.

    And Alzheimer’s sucks…

  5. Did you watch the game last night? OMG!!!!

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