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Glam work life

Did you know that if you eat like 2 meals a day and 57 snacks a day over a keyboard that eventually said keyboard will just crap right the fuck out and then type nothing but nonsense?

Also? Pickle juice, unlike water, is really really really bad for keys because water will dry and pickle juice will just get sticky.


5 Responses

  1. You learn something new every day! LOL

  2. if archaeologists excavated my office, they’d be able to reconstruct a dozen corn muffins from my keyboard 🙂

  3. So is diet coke and yogurt.

  4. Ha! That is good to know. I hate when a little crumb gets stuck behind a key in my laptop and then for a few days – no matter how many times I turn the computer over and whack it like I’m burping a baby – I am unable to type… say… a “t.” It’s a challenge coming up with words that don’t use “t.”

    Sidenote: Did you know that pickle juice is apparently very good for you in the heat? Lots of the Philadelphia Eagles players drink it during training camp. (I’m sure that other teams do it also, but I have actually seen it in Philly) Just a little useless factoid from me to you.

  5. Yeah… Diet pop doesn’t help much either. Neither do crumbs of any sort….

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