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I promise I like my job

I think the definition of irony is me sending an email not 10 minutes ago to my supervisor asking her if I got to stay on my account at work once it transitions over to a different platform. I love my account. It’s a children’s hospital in another city and it’s HUGE therefore that makes my work day, although repititious in certain ways, quite varied in others. I go from Neuro to Ortho to ENT to Psych in a matter of an hour. How does one get bored?

I receive her reply that yes, I’ll be staying on the account.

My very next report is an ICU stat dictation that is of a 5yo little girl who was in a motor vehicle accident and I knew that the report was not going to end well when one of the specialties that the intensivist referred to was the Organ Transplant Team.

So while I really am thrilled that I’ll stay on this account, I can’t help but cry my way through this report for this poor little girl and her family.

Now, go hug your kids. I don’t care if they deserve to be taped to a pole outside. Just go do it.


2 Responses

  1. That would be very hard. I promise my kids get lots of hugs and kisses. I’m thinking they are probably sick of me actually. That poor family.

  2. Tough job you have…tough job…

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