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Boring boring girl

I have not been busy to justify the absence and lack of posts, really. Tired is a good word and seriously by the time I log off work, I’m so over looking at the computer or typing a thing. The best I can do is maybe read some blogs and then move on. A lot of times I don’t even comment which I know really annoys some people but if I’m tired and don’t have anything to say then what’s the point? Ya feel me?

I should be working right now but we are out of work. That really breaks my heart. Big time. Big, huge, jagged pieces. My goal is to not sign out at all today and work straight through until 4 so that I can go to 5 o’clock mass. Looks like that will not be a problem. Otherwise, this weekend is very quiet with one notable exception. Monday (which for me, is still my weekend) I go for the biggie level II ultrasound. Yeehaw! I’m ready to see what I need to see. Of course we want the kid to be healthy with all it’s required organs and such but I will be focusing on genitals. I gotta know. Is this a Julia or a Jake? Please cooperate, kid. I will start passing out the cash to the tech or the radiologist or whomever does this thing at the hospital (this one is not in my doc’s office) to have them spend whatever amounts of time so that we can see what we gotta see.

I have bought a total of nothing for this child. NOTHING. I mean, what’s the point? Other than furniture and I am narrowing that down now, I can’t buy clothes, bedding, decor, stroller, etc until I see this. Not that the child’s room will be like Pepto Bismol pink or an explosion of blue but there will be a definite feel of either masculine or feminine. Sigh. I really hope this works out.

I think the other night I felt the faintest of movement. However, as I mentioned to a friend, that could have easily been gas seeing as how I am just one big lump of lovely right now. I’m sure my hubs appreciates how womanly and dainty the mother of his child is. Yeah. Of course, he has NOTHING to complain about. Hmmmmph.

I have been so very boring lately. Incredibly. All the drama sorta orbits around me. It happens to friends or people I know on like a secondary level which, not to wish ill on others, but it’s sorta a relief. Don’t need drama. Don’t like drama. Have done my best to exorcise a lot of drama OUT of my life and I have noticed just in the last few months, that work has been paying off big time. It was tough at the time but like all good things, it took work but was so worth it.

Today is also the boy’s 18th birthday. Sigh. Hubs and I have waited for this day to come for quite some time. Actually we waited just to be done with the support and on the 15th of this month, we were. Double sigh. It’s been lovely. Oh, I have NO doubt that somewhere around July 1, hubs will get a phone call from CTA inquiring about more money and I really hope that hubs can contain his bubbling over laughter and just tells her to consult the divorce papers. 1st and 15th darlin. FOR THE MONTH. Yep, June is covered, sweetheart. Now go buy some new clothes that fit please. And a pedi. Forthwith.

I do have something nice coming on the horizon though. In 12 days to be exact. A nice 11 day break from the mother. She is going up north to visit fam and attend two different reunions. One is for family and one is for the neighborhood in which she grew up. I’m tres excited about that. I have been a little snappy to her lately and I think it’s because I have reached my limit. Well that and the hormones. Yeah, those are fun. Anyway, she will be gone and on the days that hubs works, I get the house to myself. I love that. Love, love, love that. Luckily hubs is not offended that on the days he works, I might do a lil happy dance as he walks out the door. He knows I need that time. BADLY. Or else, I am not a nice girl to live with and I get a lil bit pissy. Ya know, more so than usual. 🙂 Plus, those days for me are coming to a RAPID conclusion and I recognize that. Once this kid is here, I will have several years where I will probably not be able to use the bathroom without an audience so I will especially cherish this time. Of course now, I tend to have company anyway but they have four legs and just toss their toys in my lap as I try to pee.

Well, I’m off to see if I can either get some work done or do my make up. Either way, must be doing something constructive. Have a loverly weekend!


4 Responses

  1. Using the bathroom by yourself…What is that like? Have I mentioned my kid learned how to pick a lock from the outside? No more privacy here.

    I am so freaking excited for Monday!

  2. How cool you’ll have some “alone time”. I went a few years ago to my Dad’s old neighborhood reunion. It was SO COOL. It must be a PA thing!

    Can’t wait to get that text this afternoon! You will be giving me the initials with the text right?

  3. Boring is good!

  4. You’re boring? Try my life. Go to work, come home, dig in cabinets and bitch about no food, bitch about place being messy, bitch that I know it’s me that is causing the no food/messy apartment. Rinse, repeat.

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