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The most boring of updates

Hi, I’m here. Sigh. I have been mainly updating Jake’s blog and not this one but I’m sure y’all understand, yes?

I am now at 24 weeks and some days. Lord this kid is all in my way in stuff. I can barely open the blinds on the big window because I don’t fit and can’t wedge myself in where I need to be to reach the twisty thing. Unreal. I have to bang the blinds against the window to get the twisty thing to pop out and then I can usually grab it. It’s probably comical to watch. I still have one numb hip (damn nerve bundle) and I get carpal tunnel but get this – not when I type. Only at night. My doc insists it is carpal tunnel based on my description and that it will most likely go away once Jake gets here but wtf? I wake up and various body parts are numb. Weird ass kid.

My mother is still insisting on a shower. That makes me tired and wanna go crawl under my covers. I hate that sorta stuff and I really hate that stuff when it’s for me. I mean big time. I am just going to put my head down and barrel through. We need all the help we can get in buying this kid’s stuff so that is really the only reason I’m dealing with it or I’d have put my foot down a while ago.

I’m still a little frustrated with some of my fam. I discussed this before, but to recap quickly, they just sorta don’t seem all that interested in Jake. I get almost no phone calls at all and I have already told the hubs that I flat out refuse to do the dialing anymore. Why bother? Most times I get voice mail anyways and then don’t get a call back so whatever. I’m over it. Hubs is all nervous since he does not have a lot of immediate family but I have no plans to like ostracize anyone. I just won’t put forth the effort that I always have in the past. The gifts will still get sent. The cards will still be in the mail but that’s probably it. I just won’t concern myself with doing the phone calls and being the one to keep that bond intact. If they call me, great. I will be pleasantly surprised. Same with their involvement in Jake’s life. Anything they do will be a nice gift to all of us and I’ll leave it at that.

Side note: I have been craving Fruit Loops and got some last week. They cut the crap outta the top of my mouth. Ouch. I still am eating them though. Explain that logic please.

The mother is back from her trip. It’s been a rather quiet week for the most part. She had a few appts that I had to get her to right after she got back but other than that, it’s been work and that’s it. We did a LOT while she was gone as far as preparing the house for its newest inhabitant and I think I needed a breather. Hubs has been at work now for 9 straight days and finally comes home tomorrow. And of course we have church obligations that will eat up a nice portion of our day off together. I love my church but it’s hard to not get a little pissy when that happens. Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

Jake just kicked me in the side. He’s a lil rude. Speaking of, get this. I have tried various things to get him to move around. A little OJ for some sugar, some music with lots of base, etc. Ya know what gets him happy and moving? Food. Little pig. The resemblance to his parents is rather uncanny, ya know? Sigh.

Once the nursery is done and complete, I’ll take some pictures. I do need to take a picture of my very early birthday present from hubs – a giant swing for out back. It’s fab. Must go sit out there today. It rained yesterday and blew my plans. 😦

I need to go see if I have any work yet. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very quiet Saturday. That’s so okay with me.


5 Responses

  1. Pics. Pics are good. Get busy and get some for me 🙂

  2. I’m tellin ya fruity pebbles are the way to go.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about how fam can disappoint you.
    I’ve already got you something… i’ve been looking at clothes but stopped when I found out Mel had sent you a bunch of stuff.
    Um you need to let the bitches know what sort of stuff you need chick.
    I hear ya on the shower, I LOATHE being the center of attention but my shower was very cool and they really went all out for me. I was surprised and touched.

  4. I didn’t look forward to my babyshower either – that center of attention thing is never comfortable especially when everyone is telling you how big “the baby is”… or in other words how big YOU are! Are people rubbing your belly? I used to love that – anyone – strangers, family friends, my husband… as long as the hands were clean and the rubber wasn’t offensive I welcomed the rub!

  5. First…enjoy the shower. It’s nice getting free stuff. I can speak from experience. I’m buying EVERYTHING this time around and it’s sucky.

    Second, as for your family being disinterested…I should e-mail you about that lest my mother finds this.

    Third…congrats on the boy!!! I’ve not been around a lot this summer so I’m waaaaaay behind but am thrilled for you!!!!!

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