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Can’t imagine why I don’t love it here. It’s a mystery.


We are most likely leaving today and heading into Arkansas. Let’s recap:

1. I’m pregnant.
2. I have to stop every 2 hours or so to avoid swelling too badly – per doctor’s orders.
3. It’s an 8 hour drive AT BEST to this place which means it will be roughly 12-14 hours.
4. I have my mother with me and 3 animals. The animals are less aggravating than she is.
5. I could punch myself square in the face for ever moving to this shithole.
6. If one God damned person looks at me cross eyed, I will not be held responsible for my actions.


10 Responses

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! But really- I hope all of the bad weather misses you. I myself am going to be headed to gulf Shores, AL on Sat. Everyone say for me to cancel but why?? Weather is crazy for sure. If I cancel it will be sunny if I go it will rain- I do know this,they are not going to open the Super Dome to LA residents but- my home is always open for you (cuz you are Football Widow’s friend).

  2. Come on, we know in your other life you’re a Storm Chaser!

  3. You know you are in my thoughts, i’ve already texted you today but don’t want to be a nag. Please keep in touch though and let me know how Cookie is. I’m gonna worry.

  4. If you need to vent you know where to find me.

  5. damn, girl, i’ve missed you. i gave up on ever finding you
    again months ago, so like color me happy (i’m thinking some
    thing in pale lavender)! to get my laugh out louds, i’ve been
    going to JEN, who is fab but not you.

    according to the weather channel right now, there’s lots of
    tornado warnings out for your area – hope you, your people
    and your home come through safely.

    congrats on jake! i’m am utterly thrilled for you!!

  6. Your in my every thought. We heart you and know it is gonna be ok!

  7. I’m so sorry! I was 7 mos pregnant when Katrina hit and we were living in Alabama. I so understand!

  8. I just got a comment on my blog, so I know you’re out there somewhere.

    How are things?

  9. GIRL! I have been so far removed from the “blog scene” I didn’t even know you were knocked up. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!! I saw your comment on FW’s site and girl you still crack my sh!t up.

  10. I’m just now finally getting to ANYWHERE (in the blogosphere) and hoping that you are safe (and comfortable!) and your home survived the storm!

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