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Ok, soooo

I’m still pregnant – 36 weeks to be exact. Lord. I’m tired. I mean, I like this kid and all but I’d like him external like now.

FINALLY had a chance to have Buffalo Wild Wings courtesy of Miss Cheeky. Holy shit, that stuff was good. Jake agreed.

I have PUPP. Look it up. It’s pretty and NOT ITCHY AT ALL. I make pregnancy just sexier than the average woman, no? Don’t hate.

Went to an engagement dinner on Saturday which was nice. It was a good thing we had a nice distraction since LSU played and basically sent in junior high players as their first string. WTF? I could not give one fat rat’s ass but hubs was not happy. He said he anticipated a tough game at least, but not that friggin blow out. It was ugly.

Real Housewives of Atlanta? Proof positive that money does not buy class. Oh and honey, if your man does not wanna be on TV and you can’t even use his name, he’s MARRIED. Does this mean I will not tune in every single week? Of course not. I’ll be glued to it so I can mock.

What? Y’all knew I was hateful.

19 more days of work until I am officially on leave. Unless Jake decides to come early. However, yesterday the doc told me flat out that I am not even a tiny bit dilated. FUCK. I was hoping he would say “holy shit, you are dilated-amundo” and high five me and then tell me the quickest route to the hospital but alas, that did not occur. Today I went and signed the consent form for the Anesthesia Dept so I can get the blessing of an epidural. I hate needles but I hate pain more. Go figure.

My step-mom has to have hip surgery right around Thanksgiving so she won’t be coming to see Fat head right away. Bummer but we have discussed the disappointments that is my family, yes? I think we have covered that. So let’s move on.

I am doing the weekly visits to the doc which are a trip. I am used to going every few weeks and it seems weird to be like “hola, me again…..” Thankfully I love him and his entire staff. They are seriously the nicest office I have ever been in EVER. Quick, efficient, friendly, blah blah blah. If every doctor would take notes of how this office is run, we’d all be happier patients. Just sayin’.

Get this – state senator from my district has finally taken head out of ass and pleaded guilty to one charge of something or other money related. Dumb ass. I love when they replay his incensed denials that he was guilty of ANY WRONG DOING and of course they were going after him because he is black. Whatever asswipe. Also? The US rep for my area is indicted up the wazoo and made it to the run off election. This guy is guilty as sin people. BAD. Meanwhile, fuckwad will probably win since his opponent in the run off is a white female who used to be a newscaster and is not a “local.” God for-fucking-bid. Can’t let a possible YANKEE get in office and holy shit, she’s white too? No honey. Good try though. I did vote for ya, FYI. Since I am forced to live in this pit of hell, I can at least be entertained by the local news, yes? I mean, why not? It’s one debacle after another up in this bitch.

Well, being that it’s 8:20 that means it’s past my bedtime. I plan to plop my ass in bed and read how to get my kid to eat off the boob.

Don’t be jealous.


6 Responses

  1. You are just a ray of sunshine 🙂 I love how much fun pregnancy is at the end. I’m glad the longest I’ve ever gone is 37.5 weeks!

  2. Madison was early and I STILL say you will have Jake in the next weeks, before Oct 31st.

  3. Glad everything is still going (relatively) okay. I remembered seeing this post and thought it might be helpful with the PUPP http://gigglepotamus.wordpress.com/2008/07/29/im-loving-2/ It was written by the wife of Poop & Boogies. Hang in there!

  4. I never made it to 36 weeks, went early at 33 1/2, but I can tell you everything past 30 weeks SUCKED ASS.

    Glad you went with the epidural. You don’t get extra mommy points for the pain.

    RHOA – Those ghetto-ass, hood-rich bitches crack me the fuck up. I’m trying not to become obsessed with figuring out who Kim’s “Big Poppa” really is.

  5. Told ya B-dubs is the bomb when it comes to wings!!! And trivia!!! Had me some of both just last night!

  6. Oh girl!!! I had PUPPs. Everyone thought I was crazy. I thought I was going to DIE!!!!! Sooooo sorry, get that child out ASAP. (sorry for all the allcaps, but I got excited there.)

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