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It’s a quandry

When you detest both teams (or parts of teams) who does one vote for? I’m sitting here watching the Giants currently beat Dallas. I have a long standing hatred of the Cowboys (um, assholes – that could be why) so seeing them lose is sorta fabulous BUT I also think that Eli Manning is a giant tool who whined his way out of playing for the team that drafted him. And by whine I mean got his daddy to fix it for him. Fucking spoiled brat. Hmmmm, it’s a tough one. Who to detest more? Any advice?

Oh wait, I forgot. This guy plays for Dallas.

Nevermind. Decision made.

Rooting for NY it is. (I still hope Eli cries at some point.)


3 Responses

  1. Dude. I’m from Dallas and I hate the Cowboys. Assholes. (My father, the Yankee, is a diehard Giants fan.)

  2. You know I don’t give a crap about pro football one way or another (even though I have started rooting for your boys just cuz) but I can’t stand that guy.

  3. Aw leave Eli alone ya bully! hehe….

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