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This story makes me cry

I just saw the updated version of this story on the news and against my better judgment, I went and picked up the Poot (pissed him right off too – he was mid snooze) and hugged him. I’ll never understand some people.

NEW ORLEANS – The Orleans Parish Coroner said Sunday that the two-year-old boy who was allegedly murdered by his father had his throat slashed.
Video: Watch the Story

22-year-old Danny Platt, who had reported that his son was violently kidnapped by a gang of men carrying AK-47s, was arrested and charged Saturday with first-degree murder after police said he confessed to killing his son.

Coroner John Gagliano would not confirm that the boy was in fact Platt’s son, Ja Shawn Powell, though police said that Platt led them to the body and confessed.

“I’m sorry about killing my baby,” said Platt to a mass of reporters and flash bulbs as he was led by detectives Saturday. “And I’m sorry for the family that I caused trouble with.”

New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley said that Platt owed child support fees.

“There was an issue, believe it or not, with him (Danny Platt) recently being ordered to pay child support, and he had made some comments that he would he kill either the wife or the child before he paid child support,” said Riley at a press conference Saturday. “He was recently ordered to pay child support. Our understanding is he, for the first time in two years, picked up his son, who he had visitation rights for.”

A few hours before the press conference, the Orleans Parish coroner removed the body of a young child from a Central City location, after police were searching the area near where the two-year-old boy was claimed to have been abducted.

The body was found in the 1900 block of Jackson Avenue, near Van McMurray Park. The alleged kidnapping took place near the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Brainard Street, a few blocks away from where the body was found.
Raw Video

Platt talks to reporters as he is led into custody

The New Orleans Police received the report of a two-year-old child who was taken from his father at gunpoint while the two were on the street late Friday night near the corner of Jackson Avenue and Carondelet Streets.

Police put out a description of Ja Shawn and described the abductors were described as three black males, approximately 29 years of age, who were wearing black clothing and armed with AK 47s. They were in a 2000-model, dark-colored Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon with black tinted windows and shiny paint. There were no license plates on the vehicle. The vehicle was last seen traveling north on Jackson Ave. in New Orleans.

The mother, however, doubted the story from Ja Shawn’s father.

State Police

Ja Shawn Powell

“We went through child support court on December 4,” said Daniella Powell, mother of Ja Shawn. “First his dad was ordered to pay $446 in regular child support, and he was ordered to pay me $4,000 in back child support.”

She said Platt never picked up the child before, but suddenly Friday evening, around 8:30 p.m., he called, saying he wanted Ja Shawn to spend the weekend with him.

Powell has not seen Ja Shawn since, saying she had to give the child to the father because he had visitation rights to see Ja Shawn.

“Then he called me back at 11 p.m.,” she said. “And he was like,‘Your son was kidnapped, bye.’ He didn’t even say anything after.”

“I called him back and said, ‘How do you let a two-year-old get kidnapped? What was you doing that he got kidnapped?’” she said. “He said, ‘Why you blaming this on me? Why you blaming this on me? I ain’t got time for this, bye.’”

Powell called Platt back a third time and asked if he called police. “He said, “Yeah, I called the police. As a matter of fact, they’re here right now and I’m about to flag them down.” But Daniella said when she talked to police, they told her the father had not called them.

Because Powell had called police, officers flagged the father down, she said.

Powell said that she saw the father last night in the back of a police car, but he would not look at her.

“First he said that a white lady came by and snatched him out of his arms,” she said. “Then he told the police that it was some guys that came up to him and said that they was looking for a guy named Johnny.”

The father said he told police that he told the men he was not Johnny, but they insisted he had their money, pulling several AK-47 machine guns on the father and took the child, Powell said.

Powell believes child support is the motive. “He said it’s my fault that he is $4,000 in the hole. I think it’s him; he wants me to take him off child support.”

In addition to telling the police different stories, according to Powell, the father deleted calls from his phone, trying to hide that he had called and talked to Powell, and now police are giving him a lie detector test.


5 Responses

  1. That just makes me sick. WTF is wrong with people?

  2. Honey stories like this WILL affect you even more profoundly now that you are a Mother. Seriously.

    I can’t imagine how people can hurt a baby or a child or an elderly person or an animal……….GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the fucker.

  4. What is the correct punishment for a crime like that?I think the Mother should get to decide. Bastard.

  5. oh, i think we have way worse things to deal with than that here…

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