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So, am I not supposed to put rum in his bottle???



Grass is green enough right here, methinks.


So I was super busy bitching about the increase in my health insurance due to adding the Poot.

Then I saw the receipt of what yesterday’s appointment complete with 3 immunizations would have cost sans insurance.


Um, ok. I’m good now. Carry on.

Not a bath, but a _____.

We had family in town last week for about 1.5 days. They are doing a little road trip dealio and we were one of their stops which was nice. They are all about casinos so we did that first night. After we ate and they began to really play, hubs and I bowed out and left them in my mom’s hands because being knocked up and in the midst of second hand smoke? Maybe not, right?

The next day we had a nice little bruncho and then headed into the Quarter for a walking tour. That would have been lovely had it not been hotter than the 8th circle of hell. It was cool being down there seeing as how I go down a total of never, but the weather could have cooperated a tad more. We ate beignets of course and later that night, took in a show at Snug Harbor which is a very small club on Frenchman on the edge of the Quarter. The 4 men who played were fantastic, each in their own way but they came together nicely as well. Being that I have no musical ability at all, I can only appreciate it in others.

They left the following morning to see more family up in Vicksburg, Mississippi and then they decided to go to Dallas. Which is HUGE for my family. For whatever reason aside from them having the dreaded Cowboys (the team, people, not the actual COW. BOYS.), both sides of my family hates Texas. It’s kinda comical really. My father used to call it a huge expanse of people with really large egos for no good reason who should have been allowed to break off years ago (how he figured this out I am not sure) and then the other half, my mom’s side, just has that like ingrained hatred for the football team so it just stuck. Therefore my aunt promised to at the very least flip off their stadium, if not moon it. I hope she was able to do both. Even if they have a cute as pie QB. Still…..it’s THEM.

Since then, it’s been rather low key. My mother’s day was spent with my mom of course. We went to hubs aunt’s house and he was able to come in the fire truck since he was working. It’s nice doing stuff like that seeing as I have no family of my own down here so I have decided to just steal hubs family. They brought up the dreaded S word. The word I have not wanted to consider. The word that makes me wanna hurl.

“So, honey, when is your SHOWER?”

I just barfed. I hate showers. I particularly hate baby showers. A torturous process would be to make me undergo a particularly long baby shower thrown in my honor wherein I’d have to be the center (shudder) of attention and not be, ya know, drinking. I am not even sure that the giving of gifts for my spawn will be enough to balance all that out.

I have felt this way forever. That is, until I went to Baby’s R Us and realized that having kids is expensive.

I will now suck it up. But I’ll bitch a lot. On here. And to hubs most likely. He had better tell whomever does this that I will need a really good cake. WITH leftovers.

Other than that, life is normal as ever. Hubs works too much. I don’t feel nearly as gross as I used to. Heard the kid’s heartbeat on the Doppler dohickey thing. That was cool. Next appt is in June to do more blood and then at the end of June, we will know if it’s a boy or a girl. I used to REALLY want a boy but now I kinda don’t care. Is it bad that I probably feel this way because girl bedding is so damn cute?

Next week is the boy’s graduation. That seems odd to me. I met him at age 6. Now he is nearly 18 and out of high school. WTF? When did I get old? Oh I know when. Over the last 12 years of child support.

Y’all knew I’d not let that pass, right?

Yes, 2 more payments people. TWO. Then it’s one big par-tay.

With no alcohol for me. Good planning on my part there. Smooooooth.

Oh well, I’ll just be glad when it’s over and we are free.

Also, received the cutest gift from Bella and failed to take a picture of it. I will do it – promise. It’s way to cute not to post. She rocks.